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Why Conversation Circles?

A couple months ago, I got accidentally included on this group of new leaders in food sustainability. I am not in food sustainability, never have been. But once a month a group of women get together to talk about what’s happening in their organizations and think through problems with their peers and I realized - this is all I ever want to do. My proverbial “happy place” (a phrase that makes me literally wince typing but I guess I’ll keep) is talking to other nonprofit leaders about how to make this sector better and to commiserate about Boards and HR and funding all the things worth complaining about.

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Where This All Started

There are a number of reasons why I left a full time job at the end of 2018 to begin this work. I have been in the nonprofit sector for over a decade and despite my love for the people, the passion, and the work that comes out of it, there is deep dysfunction that runs through it. For years I’ve been watching this dysfunction, talking to family and friends about how to manage it, and I decided I wanted to change it.

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